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Here are some of my programs to be downloaded as freeware, donationware, postcardware or ware'ever. The sourcecode is included in the downloads, do what ever you want with it.

The programs does not require any installations, they do not save any settings to the registry or any other folders than the program folder itself. (ScreenScroll is one exception to this. It can change one setting in the registry, read more about it in the readme.) They are all possible to be used from USB drives for full portabilty.

If you find any of the programs useful, please send me an email and tell me about it. And if not, send an email and tell me why not. =)

ShowInstalledFonts is a small program that shows the name of all installed fonts with an example text in that font. This can be useful when deciding what font to use.


ScreenScroll version 2.3
ScreenScroll is a small program to be used to simulate a scroll of the screen. That is, it moves all non minimized windows a specified number of pixels or percent of the screen vertically and/or horisontally. It is also possible to move the wallpaper the same length and direction. This is usefull to help you see where you are on the virtual screen. It is also possible to use include lists to only move some windows or exclude list to leave some windows.

The program does only change two settings in the registry if you are using the move wallpaper function. If you are not using that, then the program does not add anything to the registry or or any other folder than that where the program it self is in. And because it is not constantly running it does not take up any unnecessary resources.


TileWindows is a small program that tiles all non minimized windows just as it was possible in Windows 3.11. It is also possible to cascade all windows. This is enabled in Windows XP, but only when using the mouse, this programs enables it from the commandline.


WalCal create a static calendar on your current wallpaper. Once it has created the calendar it is not needed to keep it running. This way i will, obviously, not consume any CPU or memory. The program uses a copy of the current wallpaper, this way it does not destroy the original wallpaper.

More or less everything is customisable, like where year, month, weeknumber and days should be shown. Use any font, size and color. Have specific settings for the current date, red days and hollidays. It is possible to use custom text for each months.


YAM version 3.7.3
Yet Another Menu. A small program that creates a cascading menu. This program is like ShortPopUp, but with a twist. I use it of an USB-stick. The problem with shortcuts in Windows is that they can't be relative. This is a problem if you want to link from one part of the USB drive to another. You are never sure what letter the drive has. This program allows you to write relative (or absolute) paths to programs in a file that this program reads.

This program is also a bit faster running from an USB drive, because it reads the whole menu at startup and not when needed. The drawback is that it does not show any program icons and does not have any right-click menu.

Everything in the GUI is customisable. You can change background color, selected item background color, custom font, colors and pre-defined icons. It is also possible to use custom background pictures in the menu. It is easy to translate everything in the program with a simple text file.

Version 3 is faster than the previous once and also has some more special commands. Some of the special commands and features are:
Screenshot Screenshot

IconLayOut version 1.3.1
Change the desktop icons to small icons. A small program that enables you to change the desktop view. It enables you to change the desktop to ListView. The icons are showed as 16*16 icons with the name to the right instead of the normal 32*32 icon with the text underneat.

Windows does not save this setting between sessions and therefor this program must be runned at startup to set these settings. But the program is not needed to keep running to maintain it settings during that session. The program also saves icon layout, wich is needed when changing to small icon layout. The program saves the layout for each specific computer, user and screen resolution. This is also good if you are changing the screen resolution e.g. for playing games or anything.

Last update: Icons that are undefined, i.e. not in the list are moved to a pre-defined location on the screen.


This program helps you change the drive of the target a shortcut. It is very useful if you have shortcuts on and USB drive pointing to the USB drive itself. Windows does not allow you to have relative paths and this is the easiest way to do it but still be able to use e.g. the shortcut icon and Start in.

I created this program to be able to use ShortPopUp from my USB.